UPDATED September 2022

Before coming to the club:

  • Please do not come to the club if you are personally exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19 or if you received a positive test result for COVID 
  • Please do not come to the club if you've been in contact with or been exposed to anyone with COVID-19. Please refrain from coming to the facility for at least 5 days. 
  • Please sanitize your racket(s), water bottle(s), bag(s) and any other personal belongings or equipment prior to coming to the club. 

When at the club:

  • Social distancing of 6 feet or more will be enforced at all times
  • Behavior protocol posters will be posted throughout the facility - indoors and outdoors 
  • Entrance to the bubble will be the same - walk down the path past the trailer office building and through the revolving doors. One point of entry and exit through the revolving doors only. 
    • The emergency exit door located in the back of the bubble will be closed and stay closed at all times as it is pressurized.
    • The emergency exit door/handicap access located in front of the bubble should stay closed at all times as well as that door is also pressurized. 
    • Please do not open either of those doors as they will depressurize the bubble.
  • All incoming players should try to give outgoing players priority to exit the bubble through revolving doors. Please let's all use our common courtesy and respect towards one another upon entering & exiting.

Masks/face coverings:

  • Before/after entering the bubble 
    • Wearing a mask/face-covering to enter & exit the bubble will be optional for all
    • It will be optional for everyone to keep your mask/face-covering on until the previous court/group of players go through the revolving doors and completely exited the bubble 
  • During play
    • Greenburgh Indoor Tennis based JUNIORS & ADULTS: Masks will be optional during play for all Greenburgh Indoor Tennis based group clinics (juniors & adults) regardless of vaccination status 
      • To be determined if Greenburgh Indoor Tennis will require proof of vaccination for EVERYONE  in the future
      • Greenburgh Indoor Tennis based JUNIORS: It is optional for all juniors to wear masks during your designated class period 
      • Greenburgh Indoor Tennis based ADULTS: It is optional for all adults to wear masks during your designated class period​
    • ​SEASONAL COURTS, DAILY RENTALS, INDEPENDENT TENNIS PROS & THEIR CLIENTS - please use your own discretion when it comes to wearing masks/face-coverings during play 

*Greenburgh Indoor Tennis reserves the right to change the mask and/or vaccination policies at any given time 

Congregating & socializing:

  • As you all know Greenburgh Indoor Tennis does not have a clubhouse or front desk, which is ideal as there isn't a waiting area for anyone to congregate in large groups in any way. You just enter the bubble, go to your court, and play.
  • The trailer building/office area will be locked at all times to ALL customers, guests and visitors moving forward. The trailer office will be accessible to Greenburgh Indoor Tennis staff members only. 
  • Only players & coaches will be allowed inside during play moving forward. 
  • NO spectators or guests whatsoever. 
  • NO congregating behind the green curtain area by anyone – NO exceptions 
  • No one will be allowed to wait, sneak in and watch from behind the designated big green curtain anymore – NO exception
  • EVERYONE must wait in the car and/or the parking lot area and/or anywhere else within the park until 1 minute of the designated class, seasonal court, court rental, and independent pro seasonal court sessions
  • The benches are set up at least 10 feet apart for players only to sit independently when needed

No spectators:  

  • No parents/guardians/siblings/family members/guests/and/or spectators will be allowed to enter the bubble or hang out/sit on the benches during any of the classes - no exceptions. 
  • Greenburgh Indoor Tennis red ball and orange ball parents/guardians/babysitters/family members can walk their kids down the path to the revolving door to drop off their kids and then must leave the vicinity immediately. 
  • A Greenburgh Indoor Tennis staff member/counselor will escort the younger red ball and orange ball aged kids out of the bubble and to the outdoor waiting areas for pick-up: grass area / parking lot / or directly to the car at the end of each class.
  • No guests or spectators will be allowed for seasonal courts, court rentals, and independent pros and their parties/clients - no exceptions

Facility cleaning/sanitizing: 

  • Greenburgh Indoor Tennis will be sanitizing the surrounding area of the entryway, the revolving doors, benches, tables, and teaching equipment throughout the day
  • Various tables will be set up throughout the indoor bubble facility with hand sanitizing stations for everyone to use whenever necessary 
  • Greenburgh Indoor Tennis will also set up tables with hand sanitizers on both sides of the entryway (inside and outside the revolving doors) allowing players to sanitize hands immediately upon entering and exiting the bubble

Air circulation:

  • The heating unit/blower system has been upgraded with a new filter
  • Fresh outdoor air is constantly coming in through the blower unit and into the bubble which is ideal as it creates constant fresh air circulation throughout the bubble

Water, towels & restrooms:

  • All players must bring their own water 
  • All players must bring their own towels 
  • All towels must be kept in the player's individual bag at all times - including during play. Please do not leave your towels on the tables or anywhere else within the bubble.
  • Restrooms: The outdoor porta-potty will be available to all customers. There are also separate public restrooms for men and women located in the park's brown recreation building located behind the bubble. The brown building is situated next to the baseball fields and basketball courts behind the bubble.  
  • Greenburgh Indoor Tennis recommends you use restrooms at home and/or in the brown recreation building before arriving to Greenburgh Indoor Tennis. Please use your own discretion in regards to restrooms. 

Tennis balls & rackets: 

  • Seasonal court players will be responsible for bringing their own tennis balls when playing, picking them up when done and taking them home when leaving. 
  • Greenburgh Indoor Tennis recommends no sharing of rackets. All players must bring their own rackets.

Food & beverages:

  • No food, snacks or other beverages allowed in the bubble. ONLY water is allowed - no exceptions.   
  • No coffee allowed in the bubble - no exceptions. Multiple coffee warnings will result in a suspension and/or possible expulsion from playing for the rest of the season.

Physical distance when playing tennis: 
Here are some numbers for everyone to think about when playing the game of tennis:
(A) the distance between players that are on opposite sides of the net when rallying 
(B) the distance between two players that are on the same side of the court playing doubles together

Red ball 
distance across the net: 36-40 feet (A)
distance same side with another player: 12-15 feet (B)

Orange ball 
distance across the net: 60-65 feet (A)
distance same side with another player: 15-20 feet (B)

Green ball 
distance across the net: 78-85 feet (A)
distance same side with another player: 25-30 feet (B)

Yellow ball (Modified Team)
distance across the net: 78-85 feet (A)
distance same side with another player: 25-30 feet (B)

Yellow ball (High School Team) 
distance across the net: 78-85 feet (A)
distance same side with another player: 25-30 feet (B)

Adult Clinics 
distance across the net: 78-85 feet (A)
distance same side with another player: 25-30 feet (B)

Seasonal courts/daily rentals/& independent tennis coaches
distance across the net: 78-85 feet (A)
distance same side with another player: 25-30 feet (B)

So for each setting there will be more than the recommended 6 foot social distancing measurements.